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“The hypnosis has been very valuable to my personal journey and emotional healing. The hypnosis experience took me into some deeply seeded memories. Through revisiting the memories, and reframing my experience with them, I was able to witness the emotions and beliefs without getting lost in the feelings and step into a freer version of myself. Julia was a solid and comforting guide and her recording has continued to provide me with needed support and insights. It is reassuring to have the recording for daily listening and guidance, especially at the times when I feel in need of extra encouragement. I recommend this experience for anyone who is looking to grow a deeper connection with self worth and/or more intentional purpose and liberation from the past. Thank you Julia for your mentorship and support! ~Anna”


The hypnosis treatment that I did with Julia was transformative. I was skeptical, but willing to try anything to put an end to self-medicating with marijuana. My commitment, coupled with keeping an open mind, and Julia’s calm and careful escorting through the process made the experience unforgettable. The setting, the positively reinforced script, and Julia’s caring voice set me at ease. I am astounded at the results. I find myself repeating her words if the thought of marijuana pops into my head. I don’t even consider doing it, my brain just shuts the idea down, just as we practiced in session, under hypnosis. This was the most easeful I’ve ever felt in changing a self-harming behavior, and I am so grateful that I experienced this with such a powerful therapist. Thank you Julia                   BG


I just want to say thank you so much Julia for the beautiful work you do. I am a self discovery coach and yoga instructor. I hold space for others a lot, so it’s nice that Julia can hold space for me. I came to her for my lack of confidence, childhood trauma, self doubt, and not being able to speak my truth. I hadn’t tried hypnotherapy, before but heard great things about it. Before the session I was feeling very insecure in my life and having trouble standing in my power, after my hypnotherapy session I felt lighter, like I wasn’t attached to the limiting beliefs of the past and feeling like I truly liked myself. During the session I felt so safe, held and nurtured. The hypnosis was seamless and very easy! Can’t believe how simple it was to move through all those things in just that hour and a half! I enjoyed it so much that I ended up doing another hypnosis session to help me with my business. Julia was so helpful along the way and allowed me to share anything that came up and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. She really helped me heal the wounds from my past and I couldn’t thank her enough!! I highly recommend working with her. She is so compassionate, gentle and healing :) LD




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